RuBot II
(the Cubinator)

Guinness World Record fastest Rubik’s cube solving robot

The Cubinator: RuBot II – The Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

Are you looking to impress at your next big event? Or perhaps you’re trying to break the monotony of a corporate seminar? Maybe you’re hosting a tech expo and need something to get tongues wagging? Look no further. Introducing the ‘Cubinator’ — RuBot II, the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest Rubik’s Cube solving robot.

RuBot II isn’t just a robot; it’s a spectacle, a performance, and an interactive experience. With an entry in the 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records under its belt, the Cubinator has showcased its skills on stages, exhibitions, and live shows all around the world. Its quick thinking, fast-acting skills have left audiences in Europe, USA, and Asia spellbound and gasping in awe.

Ever since it achieved its monumental feat, RuBot II has been a star performer in front of live audiences of over 50,000 people and on TV shows worldwide. Its blazing fast algorithms and captivating performance have made it a favorite among tech enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike.

RuBot II is more than just a piece of impressive technology; it is a performer. Its ability to solve the most confounding Rubik’s Cubes in mere seconds has garnered worldwide acclaim. Its swift and precise movements provide an incredible spectacle, transforming an intricate problem into a solution in the blink of an eye.

Beyond the mind-blowing performance, RuBot II offers an interactive experience that leaves audiences thrilled. Watch in awe as RuBot II whirls a jumbled Rubik’s Cube into perfection within seconds. Even better, you can challenge it with your mix-ups and see how the Cubinator works its magic.

    By bringing RuBot II to your event, you’re not just hiring a robot; you’re hiring a headline act that will steal the show and leave a lasting impression. RuBot II has already proven its crowd-drawing and crowd-pleasing power across various platforms and settings. So why not let the Cubinator add a spark of wonder and curiosity to your event?

    Don’t wait. Give your event the ‘edge’ it needs. Amaze your audience. Be it a tech expo, a corporate event, a festival, or an educational event; let the Cubinator take center stage and watch as fascination unfolds.

    For bookings and more information on how you can hire RuBot II, please contact us now. Let’s bring the magic of the fastest Rubik’s Cube solving robot to your event!

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