Pan Tilt Camera Mount – 2 Axis for micro servos


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Pan Tilt Camera Mount – 2 Axis with Servos 9G DIY is a servo based 2 axis pan and tilt mechanism for mounting wireless/ wired camera and sensors on your robots. Panning , rolling and tilting is achieved by controlling Servo motors. Suitable for DIY panning and tilting application in projects. There are two variants of this module. This variant comes with 2 x 9g Servos.

  • High quality Pan/Tilt Camera Platform
  • 2 Axis control using 9g Servos
  • Can add a CMOS Camera or other Sensors
  • Comes with full set of screws and nuts for assembly
  • 180 Degree of freedom on both axis
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Servos not included

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Weight 17 g