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Entertainment Robotics

You can hire our incredible robots or interactive displays and installations for your event, party, conference or trade show.

Featured Installations

RuBot II

The world’s fastest Rubik’s cube solving robot in the 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.  A hugely popular performing robot that is amazing to see in action.

The Rascals

A mini Robot Wars team of 5 robots that are driven by the public. They operate in a 12×8 foot enclosed arena/soccer pitch with lights and sound. This is always a huge attraction and will draw a lot of visitors.


Fully interactive robot that can walk and talk to the audience. This is by far our most popular robot for family or corporate events. AL-1X has been a meet & greet celebrity at many high profile events. Suitable for all ages.

Celebrity Robots

Interactive moving replicas of famous robots from movies and TV such as R2-D2, Dalek, Creeper, Robot Wars combat robots etc.
These are hugely popular with public of all ages.


Advertising and promotion with Pedals the cycling robot is an amazing way to raise awarness of your event. Pedals’ trike has two screens and will draw the attraction of everyone in the area.


Robogeddon is a mobile robotic combat system that gives you the chance to have audience driven Robot Wars style in a battle zone of over 36 square metres. 

Energy/Smoothie Bikes

Converting energy from one form to another in a fun and educational way. We have two energy bikes and one smoothie bike.


Exercise bike powered Scalextric car racing. The faster you pedal the faster your car races round. Very engaging with children and adults.

Boxing Robots

We have the unique Boxing robots, standing at 2 metres tall. These machines will stand toe-to-toe in an all out robot boxing match.


Learn to program robots using our own arduino based SESCA mobile robot kits. This is suitable for teens or adults.


We have a full photo booth with professional lighting, backdrops and famous robots! We can print from 6×4 to 10×12 framed photos.


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Robo Riots

Straight from the massive TV hit show Robot Wars with the actual robots from the show. 110kg combat robots battle out  inside a bullet proof cage.


Surprise your guests with something different. One of our famous robot can bring your rings down the aisle or serve hors d’oeuvre at the afters.


World renowned robotics expert Professor Peter Redmond delivers entertaining and educational public presentations popular with all ages and levels of expertise.

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